About James Robertson and how to contact me

Hi: I am James Robertson and this is where I write on the one issue I feel I am an expert on – online and social media marketing.

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Some of my credentials:

James Robertson - online marketing expert
  • I launched Freegle (originally Freecycle) in Birmingham and I have got the membership to over 43,000 members. I still moderate the site every day, and it is saving perfectly usable items from rotting in landfill every day.
  • I run the official Bryan Talbot fanpage, which has been online for 26 years now, and the site is number one in almost every search engine for the search terms I chose – “bryan talbot” – most particularly at Google, and also run the Bryan Talbot fanpage Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • I helped the Clean Kilo with their original crowdfunding campaign, where we managed to raise enough to launch the business. They were kind enough to add my name to the huge blackboard in their original location in Digbeth that lists all of their original supporters!
  • I run all online and social media marketing for Birmingham Green Party, including managing the website, and running the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and campaigns. I created and managed two crowdfunder campaigns for Birmingham Greens, to raise enough money for General Election deposits for our candidates. Birmingham has 10 Westminster constituencies and to stand costs a £500 deposit: so to stand in all 10 at any given general election costs us £5,000. For the last two General Elections I have raised enough to allow us to stand in every single Birmingham seat, allowing everyone in Birmingham the chance to vote Green.

I take the view that getting a site to number one and getting a million people to visit it is actually incredibly easy compared to getting those visitors to do something on that site once they have arrived that delivers profit.

I used to run my own internet consultancy company, which I closed down when my first child arrived so that I could have a life by working for other people.  When I ran that company, every customer who followed my advice made more money from their site within it’s first 6 months of life than the site cost to create.  The usual return on investment was 10 to 1, but I once achieved a hundred to one return.

The amount of money a site makes is the only honest assessment of it’s success, apart from it’s conversion rate.  How many people who come to that site actually do anything afterwards? – and how many look at it and leave after surmising within 4 seconds that this site will do nothing for them?

Here on this blog I expound my views on online marketing and try and set the world to rights!

Contact me on 07970 678 133 or james [at] onlinemarketingexpert.co.uk –  CV’s will be sent out on request, or see my LinkedIn profile.