You’re going to make me wait for a new page to load to view an image? – I’m outta here!

Images are very easy to get horrifically wrong on websites – see Jakob Nielsen’s latest diatribe against meaningless, fluffy, “lifestyle” stock photos.

On top of that I have noticed another new trend, even when the photos in question are meaningful and useful: if I have to wait for an entire new page to load to view the photo then I am not going to bother.  Subconsciously the thought process seems to go like this:

  1. So when looking for a venue to hold a conference in, actual photos of the location would help a lot; does this site have any at all?
  2. Aha: there they are: let me see: they have 10 of them: good – so let me click….
  3. An entire new page is now loading to view one image? – have they never heard of the new, lightbox techniques to display images?
  4. If they get this wrong then what other time-wasting irritations are they going to inflict on me?
  5. You know what – their competitors one place below them in the Google search results looked good: off we go!

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