Your circumstances dictate your perceptions

I went to the Hello Digital Conference at Millennium Point on Wednesday of this week, and I had an excellent time.  Sion Simon the minister for Creative Industries was there, as well as David Rowan the editor of the UK edition of Wired.

On the day the Twitter trend for the relevant hashtag of #hd09 went ballistic and it was one of the hot trending topics of the day.  I networked with a lot of people and spoke to some old contacts and generally had a great time.

Then I read the Pesky People blog by Alison Smith who is profoundly deaf and I saw her genuine anger at being excluded from the event due to the fact that there was no sign language interpreter provided for her.  Now let me be clear; this seems to be a lone oversight on the part of the organisers in an otherwise excellent day – but they do deserve the berating Alison delivers and it drove home the issue of accessibility into my skull with a sledgehammer.

I am going to ask Alison to check the accessibility of anything audiovisual we produce here at M Consulting: if you don’t have a particular disability it is almost impossible to imagine life with it – and consequently almost impossible to design a website or run a conference with genuine accessibility.

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