Who is your site designed for?

So when you designed your site, exactly how much research did you perform to find out whether your information architecture actually supported your target audience’s user journey?

What’s that you say? – your design agency never broached the subject of “information architecture” with you? – no one has ever defined the concept of a user journey? – you’ve never defined your target audience because you are compelled to design and update your site due to the dictates of internal senior managers?

You’ve never done any research on your site and as a result you have no idea what your target audience actually wants – not what you think they might want?

This is why you need an online marketing expert and not just a designer!  You need someone to define what your site will deliver and then actually talk to your target audience and find out what they want!

I find it amazing that people still perform no research on their site: still do not establish what will result in a sale; still have no idea who it is actually looks at their site.  Every time I have talked to the target audience of a site I have more than made the cost back in a better targetted site.

When did you last talk – in person, face to face – to a user of your site?

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