The iPhone as a metaphor for your website

So with very little surprise the iPhone 4 is launched.  Why is this phone – together with it’s iPhone predecessors and the iPad – so lusted after by the technorati?

The answer is simple.  It Just Works.

No crashes: no manual; no hassle: no faffing: no learning curve.  It works immediately: it works perfectly, first time every time.

People want smartphone functions yes – but they do not want them in the hideous mess of an operating system that was all that was available before Apple got into the game.

Now: think about your organisations website.  Does it just work? – can your customers find what they want when they want it?

Or is it designed for the vanity and egos of your internal senior decision makers?

And do you even know how well your site works with it’s target market? – have you even asked them? – have you even paused to define your target market and then establish exactly what it is that they want from your site?

Until you do your site will be like a Windows smartphone… – technically capable of everything that the best in class can do… – it’s just that no one can be bothered to wade through five levels of unnecessary screens to get to what they want.

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