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On what evidence is your site designed?

Far too often I see sites that are designed by website designers. Fine you might think – what on Earth could be wrong with that? – they are full-time professional designers aren’t they? – who could be better to design

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If your site opens links in new windows – I will not be hiring your agency

There are many, many reasons why I absolutely detest links that open in new windows.  On an individual site they are bad enough – but when they are on an agencies site they are intolerable, and will cause me to

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I know: let’s make images unclickable!

Yet another way to annoy visitors to your site is to make images unclickable: and not just the generic placeholder, smiling-idiot marketing style images (but then again – what are such low-value, pointless images doing on your site in the

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Return on investment case study: how a site made 18 times it’s monthly costs in 2 weeks

Another hat I wear is that of the official Bryan Talbot fanpage webmaster.  This is a site I run voluntarily and have done so for over 14 years.  It is a labour of love for me: Bryan’s work had a

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Hard to use sites… – don’t get used

I am perpetually amazed at having to reiterate this, but if you make your site hard to use, then people will not use it. The current visitor and usage statistics show that people give a site an average of 4

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The most important metric to measure? – conversion rate

The single most important statistic to measure in online marketing is your sites conversion rate. However, there are several assumptions inherent in that statement that I shall now attempt to unpack. First of all it assumes that you know what

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Always remember: you are NOT your own target audience

People who are not online marketers always seem to forget an essential element of online marketing – that you are not your own target audience. Sounds self-evident doesn’t it?  Sounds like one of those truisms that just does not need

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