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Another way for your online marketing to fail: when your site is not run by the people who commissioned it

For some reason, most companies see the setting up of a new website as a major event: and rightly so! – this is after all the way that the vast majority of customers or potential new staff or corporate partners

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Does anyone know of an online community in Birmingham with more than 25,000 members?

One of the things I am most insanely proud of doing is combining two of my biggest passions for the environment and the web and launching Birmingham Freegle. (Freegle started life as Freecycle of course, but we changed the name

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Case study: how social media marketing got 25,000 Brummies to never send stuff to landfill

Way back in 2004 I heard about an idea called Freecycle which was stunning in it’s simplicity: instead of throwing an item you no longer needed into the tip, where it would only end up in landfill, why not offer

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Return on investment case study: how a site made 18 times it’s monthly costs in 2 weeks

Another hat I wear is that of the official Bryan Talbot fanpage webmaster.  This is a site I run voluntarily and have done so for over 14 years.  It is a labour of love for me: Bryan’s work had a

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Social media procuring event

Last Friday I was delighted to be asked to talk at a Procuring Social Media Event by my former employers, Birmingham City University at the Coffee Lounge in Birmingham City Centre. It was a very well run event, with a

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Quantifying the benefit that social media marketing delivers

One of the biggest barriers to traditional, offline marketers adopting social media marketing is that they cannot quantify the benefit that it will deliver to their organisation; so I’ve thought of a few ways to actually definitively prove the benefit.

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Is social media marketing an integral sub-discipline of online marketing? – or is it a standalone specialisation?

Social media is the New Big Thing online; everyone is talking about it and trying to get involved.  There is talk about how everything from Facebook groups to Twitter is revolutionising the way that people talk and communicate, and how if you

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