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How can we as online marketers aspire to professionalism when we cannot even define the most basic metric?

If you have anything at all to do with online marketing then you are well aware that more visitors to your site is almost always a good thing.  More visitors means more chances of selling, or more adverts and more

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It is so much easier to be rude online…

Another key differentiator between online and offline marketing is that in the real world people find it much harder to be rude to people face to face.  Unless you are really angry or incredibily self confident, most people do not

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Another organisational obstacle in the path of effective online marketing

In previous posts I have detailed some of the organisational obstacles in the way of online marketing – such as why aren’t there any Directors of Online Marketing? – and having thought even more about it, I have come to the

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Isn’t a recession the best time to invest in online marketing?

One of my favourite (almost definitely apocryphal) quotes of all time is “I know half of my advertising budget is wasted – I just don’t know which half” as it sums up all of the issues with offline marketing. In a

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Why do so many sites fail to implement a call to action?

When was the last time you saw any offline marketing whatsoever that failed to offer a call to action? Whether it is an advert for a product, or a campaign to change opinion’s there is always a call to action

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Hard to use sites… – don’t get used

I am perpetually amazed at having to reiterate this, but if you make your site hard to use, then people will not use it. The current visitor and usage statistics show that people give a site an average of 4

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Quantifying the benefit that social media marketing delivers

One of the biggest barriers to traditional, offline marketers adopting social media marketing is that they cannot quantify the benefit that it will deliver to their organisation; so I’ve thought of a few ways to actually definitively prove the benefit.

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So why aren’t there any Directors of Online Marketing?

Apart from people who really get it – like search engine companies or online marketing agencies – you never see people with the job title of “Online Marketing Director”… – instead the responsibilities of effective online marketing are subsumed into the job

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No visitor to your site should be able to work out your internal structure

If a visitor to your site is able to take one look at it and be able to determine your internal organizational structure, then your site has failed. This is because the ability to derive that structure is the tip

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“Treating your customers well really pays off”

I just read an excellent article by Joel Spolsky: do you know his stuff? – check it out: it’s highly recommended.  Go read it and then come back here if you want: we’ll still be here. Anyway: he waxes lyrical

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