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Do you even know what the average value of each visitor to your site is?

As usual I am faintly appalled by anyone who thinks that the single, overwhelmingly important issue about your site is what position in Google it is.  For a start – do you know whether it is at number one for

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The difference between meaningless press releases and substantive content

This week Birmingham Strategic partnership and the BBC announced the launch of the Big Screen TV in Birmingham city centre on their sites and on Twitter. This was great: it did what all press releases should do: it got my

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If your site opens links in new windows – I will not be hiring your agency

There are many, many reasons why I absolutely detest links that open in new windows.  On an individual site they are bad enough – but when they are on an agencies site they are intolerable, and will cause me to

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Another way to annoy your site visitors: PDF filenames

Do you have PDF’s on your site? – if so when they download to your visitors machine do their names help or confuse? I’ve lost track of the times I have downloaded somethign that seemed significant at the time, only

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Everyone involved in University marketing should read today’s XKCD webcomic

Today’s XKCD should be required reading for everyone involved in the marketing of a University… – and not just those involved in online marketing. They sum up effortlessly and brilliantly the problem: the people creating the site are not the

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Another way for your online marketing to fail: when your site is not run by the people who commissioned it

For some reason, most companies see the setting up of a new website as a major event: and rightly so! – this is after all the way that the vast majority of customers or potential new staff or corporate partners

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Who is your site designed for?

So when you designed your site, exactly how much research did you perform to find out whether your information architecture actually supported your target audience’s user journey? What’s that you say? – your design agency never broached the subject of

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The iPhone as a metaphor for your website

So with very little surprise the iPhone 4 is launched.  Why is this phone – together with it’s iPhone predecessors and the iPad – so lusted after by the technorati? The answer is simple.  It Just Works. No crashes: no

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The two kinds of authors that a bibliophile follows

I have to admit it – I am a huge bibliophile: for the past 20 years or so I have read on average a book per week. I cannot drift off to sleep without a book in my hand and

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Return on investment case study: how a site made 18 times it’s monthly costs in 2 weeks

Another hat I wear is that of the official Bryan Talbot fanpage webmaster.  This is a site I run voluntarily and have done so for over 14 years.  It is a labour of love for me: Bryan’s work had a

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