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Do you even know what the average value of each visitor to your site is?

As usual I am faintly appalled by anyone who thinks that the single, overwhelmingly important issue about your site is what position in Google it is.  For a start – do you know whether it is at number one for

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On what evidence is your site designed?

Far too often I see sites that are designed by website designers. Fine you might think – what on Earth could be wrong with that? – they are full-time professional designers aren’t they? – who could be better to design

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The most important metric to measure? – conversion rate

The single most important statistic to measure in online marketing is your sites conversion rate. However, there are several assumptions inherent in that statement that I shall now attempt to unpack. First of all it assumes that you know what

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Getting people to your site is the easy part: it’s getting them to do something once they’re there that’s hard…

Getting people to visit a site is immeasurably easier than getting them to do something when they are there.  All you need to do to get people to visit your site is to throw money or time at the problem:

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