So why aren’t there any Directors of Online Marketing?

Apart from people who really get it – like search engine companies or online marketing agencies – you never see people with the job title of “Online Marketing Director”… – instead the responsibilities of effective online marketing are subsumed into the job of Marketing Director.  What’s more, there’s no distinction made between online and offline… – it is just assumed that the standard issue marketing director can handle all issues related to marketing, whether they are online are offline.

This is just wrong: experts in offline marketing Just Don’t Get online marketing: they are conditioned to use interruption marketing instead of permission marketing: they use the “megaphone monologue method” because that is what has always worked in the past, and yet online you just need to shut up and give your visitor what they want.

Trouble is, I cannot see the situation changing until there is a generational shift: until the current crop of online marketers get old enough and senior enough to get onto the board through the usual promotion route.

What does it take to convince people though? I have seen the stats: I have been in situations where 90% plus of real-world required outcomes were due to the website, and yet 90% of resources were dedicated to offline marketing and the online marketers didn’t even report to the most senior marketer.

Within organisations we need to get ourselves separated from the offline marketers and at least get ourselves into our own department.  We need to be reporting directly o the board, because time and again it’s been proven that offline marketers don;t get it and will not manage the online marketing function correctly or competently.

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