Quantifying the benefit that social media marketing delivers

One of the biggest barriers to traditional, offline marketers adopting social media marketing is that they cannot quantify the benefit that it will deliver to their organisation; so I’ve thought of a few ways to actually definitively prove the benefit.

  • create a dedicated landing page that social media points to.  This landing page could be broken down by the media type – that is one page for all tweets, and another for all Facebook links, or it could be by campaign.  The point is that you can then measure the amount of traffic that comes in from your activity.  Of course, plain, raw traffic is amongst the most meaningless of all possible metrics, so you should apply some good old online marketing  expertise to this page and ensure it has a call to action on it, and then measure the conversion rate of that call to action.
  • measure the amount of online PR activity engendered by your social media marketing: there are many companies that ascribe notional values to the amount of coverage that you get from online PR, so use one of them to establish how much hard cash value your social media marketing has delivered.
  • perform direct research with the people in your social media network: this can be to directly ascertain the benefit of the actual social media marketing activity, or it could be to recruit people into your other online marketing research.
  • try and work out the cost of not performing any social media marketing: it is always an option to do nothing, despite what us evangelists think – so attach numbers to it.
When you talk to senior decision makers who are usually very leery of holding honest conversations with their target market you need to be able to measure the benefit.  As ever, all aspects of online marketing score massively over offline marketing in that we can measure the benefit of everything we do online

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