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I am now offering online marketing and social media marketing training and consultancy in Birmingham.  I am also available to talk to groups on how to make your site more effective.  These talks can be very enlightening indeed because everyone is a user of the web and therefore has their own opinions about website design – but not everyone takes the time to get hard empirical data as a result of primary research and from that make informed decisions about what their customers actually want, instead of what they the site owners themselves want.

I have been told that I have an ability to articulate the thoughts that go through people’s minds when they visit a site – often without them being consciously aware of those thoughts.  I can make people think about their site and come away with a list of things they can do to make their site better.

When I act as a trainer or as a consultant I do all of this but in a more structured fashion, ensuring that the client understands every single stage we go through.  One of the secrets of the social media marketing industry is that it is not hard to do: it is very easy – it just takes time.

I can train most people in what they need to do to run a social media marketing campaign in a day or so: it is the running of the campaign that will eat up your time, not acquiring the knowledge necessary to run it.

This is what the agencies do not want you to know: they want to be able to bill you by the hour for campaigns that once set up are comparatively easy to run.  I can deliver these campaigns for you too… – except that the hourly rate for an honest freelancer is between one tenth and one fifth of what the average agency will charge you.

I have delivered a lot of training and mentoring – look at my Linked In profile for recommendations and talk to previous clients there: also follow me on Twitter to see how I practice what I preach.

I will guide you through all of the stages of implementing effective online and social media marketing, and there will be no barriers to you taking the work in-house or giving it to another agency.  In fact I think that this kind of work should be delivered in-house: it is becoming a core-competency of any marketing department and should be delivered from within the organisation.  I will help you set that up and I can train both the people delivering it and their managers.

I can also act as your outsourced online marketing and social media marketing department in times of excessive workload.

In short if you think that your online marketing could be better – or if you think your ecommerce site is not converting enough visitors into customers – or you want to enter the world of social media marketing but don’t want to get it wrong then give me a call!

James Robertson  BSc MSc
Online marketing expert
07970 678 133

Online, digital and social media marketing expert in Birmingham

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