Online marketing can mean senior offline marketers manage what they don’t understand

Most senior marketing people in organisations are experts in offline marketing: that’s what was needed in their organisation and career and demonstrable expertise in that field is what has got them to the top of the greasy pole.

However, there is now a new field that they are not experts in, that of online marketing, and there is one thing that senior people hate – and that is being non-experts in a field – and almost worst – being seen to be a non-expert in a field closely related to their own.

This is why – it seems to me – you get offline marketers in charge of marketing efforts in organisations where it can be empiricaly proven that 90% plus of all marketing is online.  And this is how they demonstably fail so horrifically in understanding and implementing effective online marketing.  This is why expert online marketers have to report to people who do not know what a blog is – and in fact have never even heard the term before.

I base the 90% statiistic above on research that I personally commission and managed: at an open day at Birmingham City University I asked over 900 attendees where they had found out about the University, the Open Day, the way to get to the University and the course they were interested in: 92% said they had used the web – and the web alone.

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