It is so much easier to be rude online…

Another key differentiator between online and offline marketing is that in the real world people find it much harder to be rude to people face to face.  Unless you are really angry or incredibily self confident, most people do not just say “shut up!” and leave when they get bored, annoyed, irritated or patronised.

This all changes when we get online though: suddenly we are insulated from whoever we are dealing with by a screen – and we know we are never likely to meet them – and so we are free to act on our impulse of just not tolerating anything that gets in our way.  We become task focussed to an insane degree, and if a site in any fashion gets in our way – bang; we’re gone.

We have no problem in leaving a site and never returning, and yet we would hardly ever in the real world tell a salesman to just shut up and get out.  Online we only care about getting our objectives completed… – and to make a succesful site you need to remember this.

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