In the era of social media, your CV is your blog

Nowadays it is common for prospective employers to Google job applicants and see what they are doing online. I think this concept needs to go further and you should manage your online reputation as diligently as your CV.

In the social media world you are as employable as your last blog posting. Your blog offers a view of what you really think and what you are passionate about: you should manage it just like an academic manages the papers that they publish.

You need to be out there expressing yourself with individuality and flair, because in these uncertain times your blog is going to last a lot longer than your job…

You need to take responsibility for your own online reputation: and this means far more than making sure potential clients and employers cannot find anything embarrasing about you on Facebook: it means that you need to establish yourself as a thought-leader and shaper of opinions in your field. You need to be exploring the ramifications of what it is your are involved in and generally stating opinions and participating in the online community.

Because if you don’t, you can be sure someone else is.

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