I know: let’s make images unclickable!

Yet another way to annoy visitors to your site is to make images unclickable: and not just the generic placeholder, smiling-idiot marketing style images (but then again – what are such low-value, pointless images doing on your site in the first place?!) – but the images that illustrate links.

You know the type I mean: typically in the right hand “see also” bar of a site, they are small images calling more attention to a link.

You go over there and think that this will be interesting and click – and nothing happens.

The person maintaining the site has either not got the power to create a link or has not got the passion to insist that there damn well will be a link behind the image as well as the text.

Irrespective of the reason, the site visitor has just had another small annoyance added to their day – and soon will hit their critical annoyance threshold and vanish from your site, never to return.

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