How many online marketers can say that they got some content onto the BBC site?

At venuebirmingham we had an amazing product – the conference rooms of the University of Birmingham.  In some ways these were very easy to sell – the Great Hall is an amazing venue after all!

But in other ways they were very difficult to sell – there are only so many things that you can say about a physical space after all!  Once you have made clear the two numbers that people have in the forefront of their mind when they arrive at your site – that is the cost to hire the room and the capacity in the layout they want – there is very little left to say.

So, after the site was created, and all of the rooms had their descriptions written and honed, and top quality photos taken of them and virtual tours commissioned and added to the site… – there was not much left to say!

I approached this issue with some creativity and started to focus on the people that were hiring and using the venues, and creating content about what our existing customers were doing so as to help potential customers imagine themselves in the same space.

And then the BBC got in touch and hired the Bramall Music Building to film Question Time in.

This was an absolutely perfect opportunity that could not afford to be missed and I knew I had to come up with something original and witty to say or the event would go to waste in marketing terms.

So I contacted an excellent local photographer and videographer, Adrian Burrows to create a timelapse video of the BBC setting up in the hall.

This content proved to be an amazing hit, getting widely shared on social media and was heavily used on the venuebirmingham site* – and what’s more, the BBC themselves asked if they could use it on the Question Time homepage – where it is still online to this day!

How many other online marketing people do you know that can prove that content they commissioned was so good that  the BBC themselves used it to showcase one of their main primetime political shows?

  • please note – I have now left venuebirmingham and this timelapse video is no longer active on their site.

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