Even worse than links opening in new windows – no links at all on web design agency sites!

In my dayjob I am currently looking for a web design agency than can create a new design for a site, together with a content management system that will also link and integrate with some existing back office software we have.

As a result I am looking at a lot of web design agency sites; it’s already obvious how much opening links in new windows infuriates me, but there’s something equally as bad; website design agencies that showcase their work and then fail to link to the sites in question.

Excuse me?! – why would you ever not link to your own work?  Are you consciously going out of your way to annoy and delay me? – and what’s worse, as a web design agency are you so unaware of the basics of SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) that you can afford to forsake the benefit of an incoming link to a site you’ve created?

Do you honestly think I am going to closely examine the name of the client you’ve just created a site for, pop over to Google, type in the name, examine the site to see if it is indeed the correct client – and in fact the same site you created?!

If you fail so badly at your own site, where you have total editorial and creative control – how badly will you fail when you work on my site?

It’s yet another of the problems with web design agencies that I’ve previously noted.

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