Does anyone know of an online community in Birmingham with more than 25,000 members?

One of the things I am most insanely proud of doing is combining two of my biggest passions for the environment and the web and launching Birmingham Freegle. (Freegle started life as Freecycle of course, but we changed the name in the UK when we split away from the US)

I am currently evangelizing Birmingham Freegle and drumming up support and in a meeting the other day someone asked me if I knew of any online community in Birmingham that had more than 25,000 members – which is where Birmingham Freegle is at the moment.  I replied that I didn’t think so – but then this is not exactly empirical research – so I thought I would throw the question out there.

So: over to you all: can anyone tell me if there is a Birmingham online community that has more members than us?  If you know of any, contact me via Twitter at or

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