Delivering return on investment through online marketing

This is a presentation I created and delivered that captures and articulates a lot of my thinking on how to deliver successful and profitable online and social media marketing.

The initial request was for a presentation on delivering return on investment through social media marketing, to be delivered at the annual conference of a manufacturer for their distributor network.

I thought long and hard about this and approached them to ask if I could deliver something more holistic and meaningful: the main reason being – there are a lot of online marketing activities that will deliver return on investment before social media marketing does, primarily email marketing.

As I cover in the presentation, the main problem is that email marketing seems staid and unsexy… – but this is mainly because email marketing is non-centralised, non-trademarked affair, whereas social media marketing is promoted by companies that are listed on the stock market and therefore who have public relations departments whose sole goal is to push their brand and make you think that if you are not on their platform that you are missing out.

So this presentation is the result – focusing on much more of a gestalt overview of the whole discipline, where managers should put their limited resource.  Because as I say – it may be free to set up social media accounts, but delivering effective, connected social media marketing is far from free.

I realise that these slides might be somewhat disjointed without me presenting them… – so to get the full benefit why not get me in to deliver them as a seminar to your senior management team?

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