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“So I hear it is free to set up a website with WordPress? – so why can’t you deliver my entire online marketing plan for free?”

This is something I hear increasingly often – “WordPress is free! – so make me a site (for free) and get me to number 1 in Google (for free) and help me sell huge amounts (for free) As usual this

Why is this blog so word-heavy and image-light?

Because people buy after reading text and not after looking at images. The best that an image on your site can do is to attract people to come: but unless you are a photographer or an artist who is actually

I’m back!

After a five year stint being the webmaster and social media marketing expert for a large organisation, it is now time to go freelance once again! So – let me know if you need any websites creating… that get to

You’re going to make me wait for a new page to load to view an image? – I’m outta here!

Images are very easy to get horrifically wrong on websites – see Jakob Nielsen’s latest diatribe against meaningless, fluffy, “lifestyle” stock photos. On top of that I have noticed another new trend, even when the photos in question are meaningful

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If your site opens links in new windows – I will not be hiring your agency

There are many, many reasons why I absolutely detest links that open in new windows.  On an individual site they are bad enough – but when they are on an agencies site they are intolerable, and will cause me to

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I know: let’s make images unclickable!

Yet another way to annoy visitors to your site is to make images unclickable: and not just the generic placeholder, smiling-idiot marketing style images (but then again – what are such low-value, pointless images doing on your site in the

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Another way to annoy your site visitors: PDF filenames

Do you have PDF’s on your site? – if so when they download to your visitors machine do their names help or confuse? I’ve lost track of the times I have downloaded somethign that seemed significant at the time, only

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Online and social media marketing are free, right? – let’s drop all offline marketing then!

During the recession I am increasingly hearing about companies who equate online and social media marketing as being free and then cut all of their offline marketing to concentrate on the free online marketing. There’s a number of problems and

Who is your site designed for?

So when you designed your site, exactly how much research did you perform to find out whether your information architecture actually supported your target audience’s user journey? What’s that you say? – your design agency never broached the subject of

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The iPhone as a metaphor for your website

So with very little surprise the iPhone 4 is launched.  Why is this phone – together with it’s iPhone predecessors and the iPad – so lusted after by the technorati? The answer is simple.  It Just Works. No crashes: no

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