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How many online marketers can say that they got some content onto the BBC site?

At venuebirmingham we had an amazing product – the conference rooms of the University of Birmingham.  In some ways these were very easy to sell – the Great Hall is an amazing venue after all! But in other ways they

This month’s Birmingham Social Media cafe attendance list

The Birmingham Social Media Cafe is always a good networking event, giving Birmingham based social media types the chance to meet face to face and put names to people they’ve been talking to on Twitter for years. This month’s event

Delivering return on investment through online marketing

This is a presentation I created and delivered that captures and articulates a lot of my thinking on how to deliver successful and profitable online and social media marketing. The initial request was for a presentation on delivering return on

“But how do you keep up with the pace of change in online marketing” – and other misconceptions

Very often friends, family or colleagues will ask me how on Earth us online marketing people keep up with all of the change in technology. At which point I usually give a gentle sigh and try and put them right

Why is this the “online” and not “digital” marketing expert blog?

I call myself an online marketing expert because to me the term “digital” is redundant… – because all marketing is digital now. Unless your print and offline marketing is laid up on a pasteboard with scissors and glue, then it

Another way for your online marketing to fail: when your site is not run by the people who commissioned it

For some reason, most companies see the setting up of a new website as a major event: and rightly so! – this is after all the way that the vast majority of customers or potential new staff or corporate partners

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Online marketing and social media marketing training and consultancy in Birmingham

I am now offering online marketing and social media marketing training and consultancy in Birmingham.  I am also available to talk to groups on how to make your site more effective.  These talks can be very enlightening indeed because everyone

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The two kinds of authors that a bibliophile follows

I have to admit it – I am a huge bibliophile: for the past 20 years or so I have read on average a book per week. I cannot drift off to sleep without a book in my hand and

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Case study: how social media marketing got 25,000 Brummies to never send stuff to landfill

Way back in 2004 I heard about an idea called Freecycle which was stunning in it’s simplicity: instead of throwing an item you no longer needed into the tip, where it would only end up in landfill, why not offer

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Social media procuring event

Last Friday I was delighted to be asked to talk at a Procuring Social Media Event by my former employers, Birmingham City University at the Coffee Lounge in Birmingham City Centre. It was a very well run event, with a

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