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Even worse than links opening in new windows – no links at all on web design agency sites!

In my dayjob I am currently looking for a web design agency than can create a new design for a site, together with a content management system that will also link and integrate with some existing back office software we

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Online marketing can mean senior offline marketers manage what they don’t understand

Most senior marketing people in organisations are experts in offline marketing: that’s what was needed in their organisation and career and demonstrable expertise in that field is what has got them to the top of the greasy pole. However, there

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On what evidence is your site designed?

Far too often I see sites that are designed by website designers. Fine you might think – what on Earth could be wrong with that? – they are full-time professional designers aren’t they? – who could be better to design

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Everyone involved in University marketing should read today’s XKCD webcomic

Today’s XKCD should be required reading for everyone involved in the marketing of a University… – and not just those involved in online marketing. They sum up effortlessly and brilliantly the problem: the people creating the site are not the

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Another way for your online marketing to fail: when your site is not run by the people who commissioned it

For some reason, most companies see the setting up of a new website as a major event: and rightly so! – this is after all the way that the vast majority of customers or potential new staff or corporate partners

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Online marketing and social media marketing training and consultancy in Birmingham

I am now offering online marketing and social media marketing training and consultancy in Birmingham.  I am also available to talk to groups on how to make your site more effective.  These talks can be very enlightening indeed because everyone

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The two kinds of authors that a bibliophile follows

I have to admit it – I am a huge bibliophile: for the past 20 years or so I have read on average a book per week. I cannot drift off to sleep without a book in my hand and

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Case study: how social media marketing got 25,000 Brummies to never send stuff to landfill

Way back in 2004 I heard about an idea called Freecycle which was stunning in it’s simplicity: instead of throwing an item you no longer needed into the tip, where it would only end up in landfill, why not offer

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Return on investment case study: how a site made 18 times it’s monthly costs in 2 weeks

Another hat I wear is that of the official Bryan Talbot fanpage webmaster.  This is a site I run voluntarily and have done so for over 14 years.  It is a labour of love for me: Bryan’s work had a

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How can we as online marketers aspire to professionalism when we cannot even define the most basic metric?

If you have anything at all to do with online marketing then you are well aware that more visitors to your site is almost always a good thing.  More visitors means more chances of selling, or more adverts and more

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