Year: 2017

Helping to bring the first zero waste, plastic free supermarket to Birmingham

I am currently working on a very exciting project, helping to bring the first zero waste, plastic free supermarket to Birmingham at the Clean Kilo. I am consulting with them to deliver social media marketing, SEO, crowdfunding launch, content creation

“So I hear it is free to set up a website with WordPress? – so why can’t you deliver my entire online marketing plan for free?”

This is something I hear increasingly often – “WordPress is free! – so make me a site (for free) and get me to number 1 in Google (for free) and help me sell huge amounts (for free) As usual this

Online marketing fail from people who really should know better: why say “search for…” in an advert?

Why do the agencies that produce glossy TV adverts always sign off with “search for name of company” instead of “go to”? It strikes me as absolutely pointless and clueless: why deliberately expose yourself to the vagaries of the

How many online marketers can say that they got some content onto the BBC site?

At venuebirmingham we had an amazing product – the conference rooms of the University of Birmingham.  In some ways these were very easy to sell – the Great Hall is an amazing venue after all! But in other ways they

This month’s Birmingham Social Media cafe attendance list

The Birmingham Social Media Cafe is always a good networking event, giving Birmingham based social media types the chance to meet face to face and put names to people they’ve been talking to on Twitter for years. This month’s event