Year: 2016

Delivering return on investment through online marketing

This is a presentation I created and delivered that captures and articulates a lot of my thinking on how to deliver successful and profitable online and social media marketing. The initial request was for a presentation on delivering return on

“But how do you keep up with the pace of change in online marketing” – and other misconceptions

Very often friends, family or colleagues will ask me how on Earth us online marketing people keep up with all of the change in technology. At which point I usually give a gentle sigh and try and put them right

Book recommendation: Peopleware

I find myself recommending this book so often in person that I thought I would mention here on my blog too. Peopleware is an amazing book: every time I have lent out my copy, the person I lent it to

Forget all proxy measurements: does your site make money?

Far too many sites use proxy measurements of how busy a site is, instead of measuring the one, utterly vital performance indicator: does the site make money. There’s a lot of history and reasons for this… – which is not