Year: 2015

Why is this the “online” and not “digital” marketing expert blog?

I call myself an online marketing expert because to me the term “digital” is redundant… – because all marketing is digital now. Unless your print and offline marketing is laid up on a pasteboard with scissors and glue, then it

Why do otherwise sane companies go to such extreme lengths to avoid publishing their prices?

I cannot believe the mental gymnastics that some people will go through in order to avoid publishing the single most important piece of information on their site – the price of their product or service. To make the cognitive process

Why is this blog so word-heavy and image-light?

Because people buy after reading text and not after looking at images. The best that an image on your site can do is to attract people to come: but unless you are a photographer or an artist who is actually

I’m back!

After a five year stint being the webmaster and social media marketing expert for a large organisation, it is now time to go freelance once again! So – let me know if you need any websites creating… that get to