Year: 2010

Even worse than links opening in new windows – no links at all on web design agency sites!

In my dayjob I am currently looking for a web design agency than can create a new design for a site, together with a content management system that will also link and integrate with some existing back office software we

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Online marketing can mean senior offline marketers manage what they don’t understand

Most senior marketing people in organisations are experts in offline marketing: that’s what was needed in their organisation and career and demonstrable expertise in that field is what has got them to the top of the greasy pole. However, there

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On what evidence is your site designed?

Far too often I see sites that are designed by website designers. Fine you might think – what on Earth could be wrong with that? – they are full-time professional designers aren’t they? – who could be better to design

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You’re going to make me wait for a new page to load to view an image? – I’m outta here!

Images are very easy to get horrifically wrong on websites – see Jakob Nielsen’s latest diatribe against meaningless, fluffy, “lifestyle” stock photos. On top of that I have noticed another new trend, even when the photos in question are meaningful

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If your site opens links in new windows – I will not be hiring your agency

There are many, many reasons why I absolutely detest links that open in new windows.  On an individual site they are bad enough – but when they are on an agencies site they are intolerable, and will cause me to

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I know: let’s make images unclickable!

Yet another way to annoy visitors to your site is to make images unclickable: and not just the generic placeholder, smiling-idiot marketing style images (but then again – what are such low-value, pointless images doing on your site in the

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Another way to annoy your site visitors: PDF filenames

Do you have PDF’s on your site? – if so when they download to your visitors machine do their names help or confuse? I’ve lost track of the times I have downloaded somethign that seemed significant at the time, only

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Everyone involved in University marketing should read today’s XKCD webcomic

Today’s XKCD should be required reading for everyone involved in the marketing of a University… – and not just those involved in online marketing. They sum up effortlessly and brilliantly the problem: the people creating the site are not the

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Another way for your online marketing to fail: when your site is not run by the people who commissioned it

For some reason, most companies see the setting up of a new website as a major event: and rightly so! – this is after all the way that the vast majority of customers or potential new staff or corporate partners

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Online and social media marketing are free, right? – let’s drop all offline marketing then!

During the recession I am increasingly hearing about companies who equate online and social media marketing as being free and then cut all of their offline marketing to concentrate on the free online marketing. There’s a number of problems and