Year: 2009

Social media procuring event

Last Friday I was delighted to be asked to talk at a Procuring Social Media Event by my former employers, Birmingham City University at the Coffee Lounge in Birmingham City Centre. It was a very well run event, with a

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A real world exercise in online PR: can Hello Digital say “mea culpa”?

I am currently following the online debate about real world accessibility at the Hello Digital conference, initiated by Alison Smith.  In summary: an otherwise excellent conference failed to provide a sign language interpreter as promised and a profoundly deaf attendee

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Your circumstances dictate your perceptions

I went to the Hello Digital Conference at Millennium Point on Wednesday of this week, and I had an excellent time.  Sion Simon the minister for Creative Industries was there, as well as David Rowan the editor of the UK

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It is so much easier to be rude online…

Another key differentiator between online and offline marketing is that in the real world people find it much harder to be rude to people face to face.  Unless you are really angry or incredibily self confident, most people do not

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Another organisational obstacle in the path of effective online marketing

In previous posts I have detailed some of the organisational obstacles in the way of online marketing – such as why aren’t there any Directors of Online Marketing? – and having thought even more about it, I have come to the

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Much as it pains me I have to disagree with Charlie Brooker…

Charlie Brooker’s latest posting about how  to get people to pay for online newspaper content where he says that all that’s needed is for  “someone [to] perfect a system of universal online micro-payments once and for all” Argh!  What does

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Isn’t a recession the best time to invest in online marketing?

One of my favourite (almost definitely apocryphal) quotes of all time is “I know half of my advertising budget is wasted – I just don’t know which half” as it sums up all of the issues with offline marketing. In a

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How can you achieve success if you don’t even define it?

I have lost count of the times I have been asked to create a website, or launch an online marketing initiative – whether as a freelance external agency or as a member of the in-house marketing team – and there

In the era of social media, your CV is your blog

Nowadays it is common for prospective employers to Google job applicants and see what they are doing online. I think this concept needs to go further and you should manage your online reputation as diligently as your CV. In the social media

Why do so many sites fail to implement a call to action?

When was the last time you saw any offline marketing whatsoever that failed to offer a call to action? Whether it is an advert for a product, or a campaign to change opinion’s there is always a call to action

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